Preserving History for the Future.

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P.S Ryde in happier times in the 60,s

Preserving the Past

 Our aim is to secure, restore and preserve the last of the Solent Paddle steamers with future possibility of returning to revenue service . We hope to secure this old lady for the future and with help from local apprentices and volunteers return her to the seas again.

Saving Rydes Rich History

Ryde wasn't just a Solent steamer , she was a pleasure steamer, war veteran  , Gin Palace on the Thames , Night club for many of the islanders  whom hold her memory dearly , we need help to keep her memory going for future generations.

Get Involved

Once the ship is secured we are going to need helpers to restore this fine vessel , if you have skills in the industry or can make a decent brew or even if you have no skills but enthusiasm then get in touch. 

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